I feel like I must sound like a broken record every time I post with “I can’t believe how busy I am!”  Life is really good, and really full right now.  Sorry I missed y’all yesterday, but I did spend some time getting caught up on your blogs (no new items in my reader, wahoo!), commenting, and playing around on Twitter a bit.

Today is my third day in Phase 3, and so far it’s going well.  I had a little “oopsie” moment on Wednesday, though, that I thought I’d share with you all.

My eating now is simple – I can eat anything (within reason/moderation) except starches and sugar.  So I’m making an effort to increase my lean protein, veggies, and fruits, and also add in some healthy fats.  I’m also, as I shared before, just trying to listen to my body.  Eat when hungry.  Stop when full.  On top of that, though, I do want to ensure that I’m eating enough calories and not undernourishing my body.

Well, Wednesday I just wasn’t very hungry throughout the day, so I got to dinner having consumed around 800 calories.  I made a dinner that was larger than I really wanted and added cheese to boost my calories.  It wasn’t a very large amount of food, just more than I wanted, but I made myself eat it because I don’t want to under-eat.  Plus, I had a training appointment Thursday morning and I wanted to be on my game – running with my trainer at last!

Big mistake, friends!  Turns out, my body really does know what it can handle.  My stomach just wasn’t ready for the larger portion or for the higher fat content, and it let me know very shortly after I ate!  You know what it felt like?  A binge.  Not the eating part, but the feeling you get after a binge.  Bloaty and miserable and unable to sleep.  You know what I mean, right?  So I felt like that all night, but thankfully was mostly better by the time I met my trainer yesterday morning.

Not an exciting story.  Not a revelation, no epiphany, no crash and burn here.  Just a small lesson to remind me that as long as I’m not living to an extreme, my body really does know when it’s hungry.  And what it can handle.  And when I should stop eating.  So, body?  I got the message.  Thanks for sticking with me and teaching me that I’m not smarter than you like I used to think.  Thanks for kicking ass in your workout yesterday.  Thanks for sweating and being sore and loving to stretch and carrying me around so I can live my life every day.  I love you.

What lessons have you learned lately in your quest to live healthy?