Yet another late post – I plead busy-life-syndrome and yes I know you’re all busy, too, and I’m not even a mom yet idon’tknowhowy’alldoit!  Whew!

I do have some fun news to share, and hope that my co-conspirators won’t mind me getting so excited I announce this to all the world!  Tara, Sharla, and I were chatting on Twitter about getting together, when we got all crazy and just did it – we made a plan!  And it’s a super fun plan, too, which is why I’m excited.  Because said plan includes meeting some of my favorite local bloggers and viewing the Blue Angels AT THE SAME TIME!!  Come on, people, it doesn’t get any more awesometastic than that!

So, here’s the deal.  Anyone who wants to join us (you don’t have to be in/from Seattle – just willing to travel!) is invited!  Deets are as follows:

  • Meet at the corner of 57th Avenue South & S. Dawson St. in Seattle (near Seward Park) at noon on Sunday, August 8th.
  • We’ll walk north along the water until we find a spot we like.
  • At 1:30 we’ll watch in awe as the Blue Angels do their thing.
  • Feel free to bring a spouse, friend, or whatever.
  • Also feel free to bring (and share) healthy snacks/food!
  • We’ll hang out as long as we feel like it, assuming we’ve found a comfortable spot to do so!
  • Finally, just because I can’t help it, please don’t forget to wear sunblock!

Okay, who’s in?