As this post is published, I will hopefully be on a plane to Arizona!  I say “hopefully” because I was supposed to leave Wednesday evening!  But when I found out my flight was FOUR HOURS LATE, I called and asked them to put me on a flight this morning instead.  No sense being on a plane at 3:00 a.m. unless I’m on my way to somewhere exotic and foreign.

I was thinking today about being gone for 5 days and what I’d love to see here when I come back.  And you know what?  I gots me some questions and I would love it if y’all would take the time to answer them in the comments.  Do you mind?  I need help and I know you all are just the folks to give it.  So, here goes…

  1. How do you practice mindfulness in your life?  Do you have any suggestions for me as I incorporate this practice into my life?  Not just with respect to food/eating, but definitely that’s a biggie.
  2. How are you working on showing yourself love?  In this post, I talked about a light bulb moment for me, realizing that self-love is a PRACTICE and something to work on every day.  I’m struggling to figure out what that looks like practically.  Any ideas for me?
  3. Do you believe that waking up early is important in living a healthy lifestyle?  If you are not an early bird by nature but you get up early anyway, do you have some tips for how to make that transition?
  4. Do you have any crock pot recipes that you can share with me?  I want to get back to homemade cooking more often, and the crock pot is a great tool for doing this more often without feeling like I’m standing over a stove 5+ hours/week!

I think that’s all for now…but I reserve the right to add more questions!

And…since you’re helping me, please tell me if I/we can help you!  Questions?  Request for support?  Bring ‘em on!