I guess that day turned into almost a week!  I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve posted.  No real reason, other than being swamped at work and keeping up with all of the other important stuff in life – working out, sleeping, etc.

Thanks for all the grace and for catching me up on you in response to my post about Taking a Day!  One thing I have had a chance to do this week is get caught up on all the blogs I read and leave a few comments.  And I love what I’m reading.  Many of you set new goals at the beginning of the year (whether you call them resolutions or not!) and it’s so fun to hear your goals and watch y’all put a plan in action to make it happen.

My goals?  Always evolving, but as I mentioned earlier in the year, they will include lots of running.  Some fun races coming up, including the Valentines Day Dash, the St. Patty’s Day Dash, the Warrior Dash (lots of dashing going on here!), and more.

The 4-Hour Body slow carb diet is doing it’s job and I’ve lost almost half of what I gained over the last month.  I should be back to  my low in a few more weeks which feels fantastic.  I already feel lighter and less puffy, which I credit to staying away from sugar and other white stuff!

So…yeah…I’m back in one of those “boring” phases.  Where I’m not having an epiphany a minute, which is what December felt like for me.  Where I’m not struggling to stay on course with healthy eating.  Which, to be honest, leaves me without a whole lot to tell you here!  I don’t want to write just to write – I want to write because I have something to say.  To share my heart.

Today?  My heart is here: heading to my second ever CrossFit session.  Sleepy.  Excited for the year.  Wishing I had about 3 more hours in each day (and a personal assistant).  But?  Loving life.  It feels good to be where I’m at.

How about you?  Are you in a good place right now or do you need help?  If we can let the comments be anything today, let’s make them a place we can turn to each other for help.  Bring it on, friends!