…and am going through a “dry spell” regarding what to write about.  I don’t want to write just to write since I don’t really have this blog to blabber on about nothing.  I’m keeping up with you all (finally!) and your blogs, and otherwise am working enough that it feels like I’m just keeping my head above water!  So here’s the bullet-point version of what’s going on in my world:

  • Work is extremely busy and we desperately need to hire someone to help us catch up/keep up.  In the meantime, I foresee many Saturdays spent at work and a string of 50-60 hour workweeks in my future.
  • Lest you think this is all bad, the reason we’re so busy is because our firm is growing, which is exactly what we want.  I’ve been working really hard both to bill my hours but also grow the business, so I’m excited to see the fruits of my labors!
  • My workouts haven’t been the most consistent thing in the last week, but my schedule for the next four days (training today, running with Sharla tomorrow, training Thursday, and CrossFit on Friday) should jump-start a return to more regular workouts!
  • Eating has been fantastic.  I’m working on a post about the 4-Hour Body slow carb diet, my first cheat day, and my general observations about all of that.  It’s taking longer than I’d like (see above) but I’ll get it up soon, I hope!
  • I got to hang out with Tara and Sharla last week for girl’s night, which included mani/pedi time and dinner out.  It was awesome!

So that’s me in a nutshell right now…how are things with you?  I’m sorry I’m not here more, but I guess when faced with the choice between writing less-than-meaningful stuff or reading your blogs and staying connected that way, I’m choosing the latter!