Hi friends!  Well, I think Murphy has struck again.  After last week’s announcement (thank you all again for your wonderful support and encouragement!), I really thought I’d be back to posting more.  What with the news being out and work slowing down (you know where this is going, right?), I’d have the ability and the time to post more, right?


Well, not wrong, exactly.  It’s just that some unexpected and potentially exciting opportunities have cropped up at the firm.  And it’s super fun to be involved with evaluating and making decisions about those opportunities.  But dang if it doesn’t take a lot of time!  So those 40-hour work-weeks?  Shorter days where, because of Daylight Savings Time, I’d be going home during daylight hours?  Not here yet.

So here’s what I’ve got for you: I’m hanging in there eating-wise.  Not perfect, but not off the rails.  I got 5 workouts in last week, but none so far this week.  I can still get in 4-5 if I make it happen.  I’m working a lot, but I’m glad to do it now because of the circumstances.  But big decisions lie ahead and I would love your prayers for wisdom and clarity as we make those decisions.

Oh, and one more thing?  Being pregnant?  It’s weird.  Sometimes it’s weird because I’m nauseous all day long for “no reason.”  Other times it’s weird because I know there’s a baby inside me but I feel TOTALLY normal (normal = not pregnant, right?).  It feels strange to have experienced so many body changes when I’m not even showing yet.  I have lots more to share on that, and will definitely do it in the future.

Okay, so two more things (sue me) – P90X is pretty great.  I was a skeptic at first but I think, after a week, I might be a convert.  More to come on that, too.