It’s funny how being pregnant all of a sudden makes you think of everything in weeks.  How many weeks pregnant am I?  (17)  How many weeks until I deliver?  (23)  You get the idea.

This isn’t really just a 17 week update, though – I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post!  I feel like I sound like a broken record lately.  I’m so busy, blah blah blah.  Oh, and did you know I’m pregnant??  lol  But I guess this blog is about my life, and work + pregnancy are what my life is centered on right now, so there you have it!

I had a fantastic weekend in Vancouver with Tara and Meegan – it could not have come at a better time.  Having time away from work and combining that with the utter relaxation and enjoyment of being with those two girls was absolute perfection.  The pedis and sunshine were truly a bonus – icing on the cake!  We had a killer workout Saturday morning and spent much of the rest of the day (in between meals and a haircut for me) walking around the city.  We guesstimated that we had walked about 6 miles or so?  And it felt great.

By the end of the day, I could definitely feel my belly, though – they say that the tendons supporting your pregnant belly can get sore, and mine definitely did!  I slept well that night. 

Sunday night, though, I had some spotting, so after a few moments of panic (thank God for my calm, rational husband), I went to the ER where I got to hear the baby’s heart beat AND see him/her dancing around on an ultrasound.  They put me on pelvic rest (not bed rest, but just about – no sex, exercise, lifting, etc.) until I could go for a follow-up with the OB on Thursday.  At which appointment she also whipped out the Doppler (the thing they use to listen to the heart beat).  Again, super strong heart beat AND she witnessed how ACTIVE this baby already is – every time she would locate the heart beat, it would move after a second or two and she’d have to hunt around to find it again.  She seemed surprised that the baby was so active AND that I had been feeling him/her move for so long already.  She mentioned that my OB (who was out of town for the week) might want to adjust my due date at our next appointment.

She cleared me to exercise and just be wise about what I choose to do, no jumping, nothing high impact (although she said I could jog which seemed counter-intuitive to me).  She thought the combination of having worked so much for the previous 10 days or so (sitting all day, 12 hour days) and then jumping into a workout plus lots of walking Saturday might just have been a little too much, so message received.  I will not do that again, and I will be doing low-impact workouts for the rest of this pregnancy.  (And I’m sure that when my kid is a teenager, I will tell him/her that he/she was already a pain in my rear before being born!)

My weight gain is about on track, maybe 2-3 pounds higher than I would like, but so long as me and the baby stay healthy, I’m not going to complain.

Work is crazy!  But also fun, which maybe makes me a little bit sick.  Aside from last Saturday in Vancouver, I haven’t had a day off in almost 3 weeks.  But I’m supervising my own team of attorneys now, which I love.  And which means that I have to work more to do the same number of billable hours.  But our pay scale is base + bonuses if you bill a certain number of hours, so I am being compensated for my time which makes it all feel fair.  And to be honest, I also love the whole “crunch time” feeling of taking on 1,000+ new matters, having to get them all reviewed, and the kind of frantic energy that surrounds this process.  Yeah, like I said – maybe I’m a little twisted.

My only complaint these days is that spring is VERY late in coming to Seattle!  But even that complaint feels feeble when I look out the window today and see (hooray!) the sun shining.  So, with that, I’m off for a little walk to enjoy it while I can.

How are you doing?  How much does it suck that I’m posting so sporadically these days?!  Miss you all!