I know I owe you all myself a post.  But today there is something sweet and amazing going on that I just have to share.  Did you know that my friends Tara and Sharla, along with 4 other badass runners, are finishing up Ragnar here in Washington?

Did you know that it’s normally run by teams of 12 runners, but they are doing it as an ultra team with just 6 runners?

Did you know that even if they hadn’t started this, these friends are amazing, courageous people?
That just starting Ragnar would have been a display of courage that puts me in awe?
And that finishing just takes the already present awesometasticness to a whole ‘nother level?!?

Please show them some love today.  Tweet, text, comment, e-mail…however you know to get in touch with them.

These girls?  They rock.