I am a thirty-something woman living in Seattle.  I’m newly married and I’ve struggled with my weight for my entire adult life.  I’ve lost and gained more pounds than I can count on various diets, ranging from the reasonable (Weight Watchers) to the unreasonable (cabbage soup diet) and the downright insane (medically supervised, super low-calorie liquid diet).  I’ve always gained the pounds back (and they bring friends!).

This time is different.  I’m doing, and have done for years, the internal work that is required for me to keep this weight off for life.

I started this journey in 2006, when I had a period of unemployment and a guardian angel who generously paid for me to work out with a personal trainer 3 times/week.  I discovered that my inner athlete wasn’t gone – just dormant.  I woke her up and learned all sorts of new things about myself!  I am strong.  I love running (an epiphany for a woman who’d always said, “I don’t run unless someone is chasing me…with a gun”).  I can out-lift and out-run and out-bike a lot of smaller people.

But the most important thing I learned is that this journey is about me and no one else.  It’s not about being stronger, faster, fitter, or better than anyone else.  It’s about being the strongest, fastest, fittest, best ME that I can be.

This running blog is my story of becoming that strong, fast, fit, healthy, best, amazing, loveable, enough ME.  I’m so glad you’re along for the ride!